Jenny ZukoHi. I am Jenny Zuko.

This site is my photo playground. Since I have an undeniable urge to take photos constantly, I post them here to share with you.

I collect photos wherever I go – mostly with my iPhone. I am emotionally attached to it… obsessed even. I love the lo-fi quality that it provides and the fact that it is always with me. I do shoot with regular film, instant and a DSLR as well. As you can imagine, those are significantly less convenient to have in your pocket so the iPhone generally wins.

I believe everyone should take more photos. Being able to look back and see where life has taken you is great. Sometimes it is therapeutic. It can make you happy, sad, make you remember the great things you have done and seen, it can even invoke exactly the emotion you were feeling at the moment you hit the shutter. Photos are a visual representation of how we evolve every single day. The amalgamation of photos posted here piece together my life, the people in it & the places I have seen… sometimes just grungy pieces of rust that catch my eye.